Damp Proof Water Repellant SB

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Product Description

Solvent Based Repellent. A one component solvent based silane/siloxane based silicone, air drying clear coating.

Intended Uses

A colourless, general purpose water repellent used to impregnate and prime mineral and highly alkali surfaces. Used as a barrier coat on substrates such as bricks, concrete etc. to render them water repellent. This product is not overcoatable


  • After application he product reacts with the atmospheric moisture or pore moisture in the substrate
  • The active ingredient lowers the water absorbency of the substrate
  • Does not clog pores and capillaries
  • Substrate retains a very high degree of water vapour permeability
  • Penetrates the substrate to form a barrier that renders it water Repellant
  • Imparts water repellence to absorbent, porous, mineral construction materials such as:
    • Brickwork
    • All kinds of plaster and concrete
    • Natural and artificial stonework
    • Cement fibreboards
    • Cementitious paints
    • Aerated concrete
    • Suitable as a primer for exterior paints
  • Will preserve the natural appearance of the substrate and prevent staining


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