NiloStick 1500



Nilo-Stick 1500 is a self-adhesive, cold applied SBS modified waterproofing membrane, with a Fiberglass carrier. It has a release film on the under layer while the upper surface is covered with any of the following surface finish material:

  • Nilo-Stick 1500 Polyethylene film 8µ
  • Nilo-Stick 1500 H Polypropylene film 25µ
  • Nilo-Stick 1500 X Cross Laminated Polyethylene 100µ
  • Nilo-Stick 1500 Mineral Mineral Granules


Nilo-Stick 1500
- Waterproofing of protected roofs.
- Waterproofing of concrete, masonry, and wood surfaces.
- Waterproofing of cold pipes, ridges and hips, and planter boxes.
- Waterproofing of footings and foundations walls above and below grade.

Nilo-Stick 1500 H
- All Above uses in addition to: Retaining walls, Sub-structures waterproofing, and basements tanking, where the polypropylene film enhances puncture and impact resistance.

Nilo-Stick 1500 X
- All above uses in addition to: Heavy duty civil works applications such as bridge deck waterproofing culverts, tunnels, and road ways waterproofing. Where the cross laminated film enhances dimensional stability ,tear strength ,puncture and impact resistance.

Nilo-Stick 1500 Mineral
The mineral surfaced membrane is ideal as a top finish layer in a double layer roofing system on exposed roofs, and flashing of up-stands and parapets.

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