Cementitious Waterproofing

Damp proof barrier coating img
Damp Proof Barrier Coating

A white pigmented primer for waterproofing walls and other masonry surfaces subject to rising damp or moisture. Can be applied on under-cured concrete or masonry where moisture is still present.

Concrete Crack Filler img
Patching Compound Flexible

A fast curing flexible cementitious filling compound for cracks, joints and holes subjected to expansion and contraction or for repairs to surfaces in water immersion conditions.

Concrete waterproofing img
Leak Seal Grey

Water based flexible polymer emulsion used as a binder for Portland cement – an ambient temperature curing coating which will render leaking surfaces waterproof in two applications. Used on concrete floors, reservoirs, retaining walls , dams, basements and tunnels.

Waterproofing Products:
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