NiloStick 1000



Nilo-Stick 1000 is a self-adhesive, cold applied SBS modified waterproofing membrane, with a Fiberglass carrier. It has a release film on the under layer while the upper surface is covered with any of the following surface finish material:

  • Nilo-Stick 1000 Polyethylene film 8
  • Nilo-Stick 1000 H Polypropylene film 25
  • Nilo-Stick 1000 X Cross Laminated Polyethylene 100
  • Nilo-Stick 1000 A Aluminum film


Nilo-Stick 1000
- Bathrooms, Kitchens, and wet areas waterproofing.
- Base layer in a double layer roofing/ waterproofing system applications.
- Waterproofing of balconies.

Nilo-Stick 1000H
- All Above uses in addition to Waterproofing of partially buried walls, cold pipes, tanks, and irrigation ditches.

Nilo-Stick 1000X
- All above uses in addition to Foundations waterproofing where cross lamination film enhances puncture and impact resistance.

Nilo-Stick 1000A
- Top layer in a multilayer system or as a single layer in specific exposed applications, where the aluminum surfacing enhances solar reflectivity.

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